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Zeller Zakon. August 23, 2020

 I realize the younger set of gay men that I meet and know, they walk about like proud peacocks, not knowing what to do with all of their feathers except make a fuss and cause unnecessary commotion. I realize now that their constant arrogance, disrespect, and belief that they are

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the zeller zakon: July 13, 2020

Who am I? I’m the one who will be there for you,  whether you need me or not.   I’m the one who has already thought about you by the time you awaken and will continue to think of you long after you fall asleep.  I think about how you’re going

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Quote of the day: July 10, 2020

We show love with action–even if the action is to do nothing and give space to the other. We learn to trust when when the intentions of the other prove their words by offering proof, leaving the person in high regard for delivering on their ability to be trusted. If

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Quote of the Day: June 24, 2020

Think about that….how can anyone treat another human being in any way they themselves would never accept to be treated?…and if they would never accept that kind of treatment from anyone, then why do it t0 someone else?  There are some sick, twisted people out there…I hope everyone someday feels

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