Zeller Zakon. August 23, 2020


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 I realize the younger set of gay men that I meet and know, they walk about like proud peacocks, not knowing what to do with all of their feathers except make a fuss and cause unnecessary commotion. I realize now that their constant arrogance, disrespect, and belief that they are right, that their way is the only way– that their definition of self aware is really self absorption, especially when they can’t even return a simple phone call or text. They’ll learn eventually. Their bravado is just their fear being expressed. Let them make their mistakes. Someday, they will realize what they lost– what they let slip away. This whole time I was afraid to lose them, but in reality, I watched them losing me…ah, youth!
And I haven’t peaked yet. There’s still work to be done, stories to tell, and regardless of aches and pains I’ve accumulated, they are the medals of honor earned to leap forward into the 2020’s. Through bad leadership, pandemics, that shit don’t scare us.  We (my like minded and aged brothers and sisters)  are pioneers. We have fought for our rights, we have fought for our equality. We have seen our gay brothers and sisters lose their battles, but we fight on and continue towards a better life– not just for us, and not just for them, but also for everyone! We ought to be grateful, thankful, and completely blessed with the knowledge, that we have been a part of history, part of the landscape that makes gay men beautiful and special, and we are the example to show that the next generation can also be proud of who they are and where they’ve come from because we care about people, we care about humanity. We care about love, AND we know what love is. It’s not just getting our rocks off and being seemingly validated through endless amounts of non intimate sex…..
Be proud, my friends. We are truly innovators, historians, and storytellers. The world is nothing without our perspective…. and we still have lots to do, so let’s do it! Let’s concentrate on making America really great again, win back our White House for everyone, and live our very best lives. I love you all.   We all are angels, destined to inspire, and instill hope into the future generations of gay men– hoping that they will honor and respect the heritage they come from. Because as it states in other cultures, being gay is a blessing, not a curse….and we must spread this blessing to show the world that love is the only answer to every question. It solves every problem and it leaves behind growth, change, and joy. How lucky are we to be given such power!?!  Do you know how sad that many of these up and comers don’t even know what love is?!! Our job is not nearly done!
Onward and upward. Hand in hand. To infinity and beyond!

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