The Zeller Zakon: June 22, 2020


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This has been such a crazy and strange time for all of us. When the quarantine began I honestly thought that this was going to bring people closer together.  I didn’t realize how much further separated we are as a group of people, as a community, a race, as an entity. Why in an age of all this turmoil and struggle and evil and negative crap do we have to fight with each other? I don’t understand.

It’s when someone will tell you that friendship is a two-way street, yet they do nothing to  perpetuate that friendship– AND they have the gall and the nerve to say it. Whatever happened to being true to your word? Whatever happened to accepting responsibility when you’ve done something wrong? When does the day begin when we stop blaming our past for the present?

All this talk about taking care of self is the biggest crock of bologna because many who are on this kick,  do not apply it with other people in their daily lives– therefore, their idea of self aware is actually self absorption.  They have no idea how other people are suffering.  And as adults,  we’re supposed to look out for each other! Why aren’t we doing this?  Everyone might be happy with their immediate family of two,  three,  or eight,  but what about the bigger picture?

A friend of mine is reopening his hair salon after having been unemployed and having had no work for several months. What he wants to do is, one day a month, offer free hair service to essential workers that have been helping throughout this crisis. I think that’s such a beautiful idea and something that I have not heard about yet from other establishments,  but in this day and age we need to not be so greedy and so selfish–we need to look out for each other.

But I also don’t seem to understand is that if it doesn’t affect them personally many people don’t believe that it exists. It’s like that politician that has been against gay rights all of his life until his lesbian daughter comes out to him and therefore he now has this epiphany that gay rights is important. Again, when we’re dealing with humanity, we all breathe the same air, eat in order to survive, cry, laugh, pee and shit, so why would we treat people with any kind of unkindness?  If we remember that everybody has a story and everybody has a place that they come from and we don’t know where that place is and how many miles they’ve walked in their shoes, so why be mean? Why be an asshole?  It’s bad enough that we have been sequestered in our homes and forced to be alone or with our own immediate families for this long. In time the art of social anything is going to go out the window. We have to remember and that’s why I asked everybody who read my blog to please do a good deed every single day– remember the people who are important to you;  remember that there are people that are important that you don’t think of all the time and they would really like to hear from you. There’s nothing worse than finding out that someone you know has died of the coronavirus and you have to attend their funeral via Zoom. It’s heartbreaking it’s disgusting.  We have to change our attitude.

And why does it take tragedy in order to bring people together? Why do we have to have Black Lives Matter when someone is killed? Black Lives Matter every single day– All Lives Matter every single day.  We shouldn’t have to rally against each other to prove that the other not only exists, that they also deserve the same joys and love and happiness as everybody else. To me, it’s a no-brainer. Why do we have prejudice? Why do we have such hatred for our fellow human brothers and sisters?

We need to find what keeps us together,  what nurtures and feeds our souls.   Love is the answer.  I don’t wish on anyone to be dismissed,  abused, abandoned or neglected.  To those who have,  you’re not alone.  We need to seek each other out.  For those who do this to others,  I pray for a speedy slap of reality in your faces to realize how horrible you are.

Please, find joy in yourselves,  and in each other. We need kindness to come back in full force.  Everyone who is highly religious sometimes forgets there’s a little something called “Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself.”  Do it. You have a responsibility to your fellow man,  to yourself,  to your ancestors.  Be the example;  be the change.  Our lives might have changed forever because of this virus and because of the unrest that is happening in the world right now, we have to learn to live despite these roadblocks and we have to do it together otherwise we will cease to exist.

Always The optimist, I will approach my life everyday with love, bless those that were unable to accept mine or were unable to to give love, and I know that I can always walk away saying that I did my best;  I did what was right and I didn’t hurt anybody along the way.

☆On the 19th of every month,  my buddy Cooper is giving free hair services to essential workers.  His salon,  Bounce, is located at 127 E. 59th St. Suite 4.

On a side note, the task of doing a daily blog is absolutely overwhelming. Therefore, in the annals of sanity, I will offer a couple of blogs a week.  I will still ask for  Good Deeds daily; I will still highlight birthdays and historical info daily but I will only do the blogs at the beginning of the week and somewhere toward the end,  but I will always announce it on Facebook or just tune in– you never know.. I may be inspired! Thank you for your understanding, for your patience, and for your love.


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