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“Perhaps the most underrated song is Jud’s “Lonely Room,” and Zeller’s gut-wrenching version of the dark and moody number proves it can be the show’s most memorable moment.”
–The Daily Breeze

“Of even greater note is Zeller’s amazing work as Jud. Here, the actor digs deep into Jud Fry’s profoundly troubled soul and warped sexual longings to create a breathtaking performance. His rendition of “Lonely Room,” in which Jud breaks down sobbing, is unforgettable.”

“Zeller’s Jud is a memorable figure–the only one you’ll remember a year from now.”
–South Bay Easy Reader

The intense Sam Zeller makes the strongest impression as Jud Fry, showing the character’s orneriness, slow wits and dangerously obsessive love for Laurey. Zeller wisely adds pathos to his attractive Jud, making him a more credible rival to Curly.
–OC Register

Musical theater staple Sam Zeller is versatility personified. Here the affable actor completely disappears into the very scary skin of Judd, one truly menacing mountain of a man, and his solo “Lonely Room” showcases Zeller’s rich and powerful baritone. That Zeller has also played Curly in previous productions of Oklahoma! is further proof that this is one heck of a versatile performer.

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