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“I have seen Les Miserables several times over the years, including Broadway, and several national touring companies, and have never seen Jean Valjean played with the emotional intensity that Sam Zeller demonstrated – powerful yet vulnerable, just as I imagine Victor Hugo must have envisioned his character. And Zeller’s voice – wow! He is truly a gifted actor and singer.”
-— Mike Phillips, Phillips Creative Services

“Sam Zeller’s signature performance of Jean Valjean was reminiscent of, and as grand as, Ted Neely’s performance in Jesus Christ Superstar! It was JUST that incredible!”
–Jay Turner, Program Director/Morning Show Host 102.5 FM

“The magnificent Sam Zeller is powerful as Jean Valjean.  He commands the stage and compellingly conveys his character’s emotional heartbreak…a veritable tour-de-force!”
—Brad Memberto, The Santa Maria Record

“Sam Zeller is a compelling Valjean; he conveys the tormented character’s anguish while successfully navigating the part’s enormous vocal demands.”
–Tom Jacobs, Santa Barbara Independent

“As Valjean, L.A. favorite Sam Zeller gives the performance of his career: briliant, epic work which showcases Zeller’s powerful acting chops and a fine tenor his frequent baritone roles don’t allow him to display.”
–Steven Stanley,

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