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“Sam Zeller’s performance as Tevye in Lamb’s Player’s Theatre’s “Fiddler on the Roof” is almost too enormous to be contained in the Coronado theater; in fact, it may too large to be contained by the entire island. In addition to his built-in exuberance, Zeller’s extraordinary high falsetto adds unexpected interpolations. Based on the stories of Sholom Aleichem, Zeller shines as this production hits the roof.” ~ Charlene Baldridge, San Diego Downtown News

“Tevye’s become such an icon, he’s often played as an epic in the flesh (à la Mostel, Topol, Bikel). Compared to these legendary performances, Sam Zeller’s Tevye is humble and real. His Tevye’s just a man: put-upon, torn between certainty and chaos, more than a mite irreverent, a lousy biblical scholar, but with an abiding humor.”
“Like a mailbox repeatedly stuffed with bad news, Zeller’s Tevye takes almost as many negative hits as Job. Zeller suffers each blow physically, as if the final one. A burly actor who tows his heavy cart like a tired ox, Zeller gives Tevye a (well-earned) resilience and adaptability. His weighing of factors (“on the other hand”; “on the other hand”) is a delight. If such a being were possible, he comes to resemble an impish Job.” ~ Jeff Smith San Diego Reader

“The production revolves around Tevye and would not be good without someone great. The Lamb’s found the powerful voice of Sam Zeller to fill the part. What a tremendous job. ~ Kathy Carpenter, San Diego Writeway

“A celebration of major proportions, robust Sam Zeller’s inner strength and fatherly love shows up in his every move.”
“Zeller’s Tevye has given us one of the most heartbreaking and poignant numbers of all, “Chavala.””
“Deborah Gilmour Smyth and Sam Zeller sing so very touchingly on “Do You Love Me?” and “Sunrise/Sunset” is a hauntingly thrill-chill center moment.” ~ Carol Davis,

“Sam Zeller’s Tevye, author Sholem Aleichem’s lovable Milkman as Yiddischer Everyman, brilliantly encompassed a host of contradictory stances—headstrong, judgemental, forgiving, cynical, pious—with evident ease and pleasure.” ~ Ken Herman San Diego Story

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