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“Rigby alone could carry this performance, but luckily she doesn’t have to. She is supported by a very capable Sam Zeller (who the Trekkies among you may recognize as Lt. Ch’Targh from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”), the understudy, as Captain Hook/Mr. Darling. If Rigby had any ideas about stealing the show, Zeller wouldn’t have let her. His performance is utterly delightful. He milks every drop of humor from his role and has a shockingly powerful voice. Watching Zeller’s Hook and the band of ragtag buccaneers he has apparently assembled from every corner of the globe is some of the most fun had during the production.

Zeller’s Mr. Darling and Kim Crosby’s Mrs. Darling are well-done, wonderfully physically expressive and slightly larger than life, as they probably seem to their young, impressionable children.”
~ Rachel Sampson, Ft. Worth’s The Column

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