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It seems that the theme of kindness is a constant in our everyday lives. It doesn’t seem like a difficult task to decide what is kind because generally when we do it, kindness is mostly generated towards another person, an animal,  ourselves, or perhaps some thing. It generally makes the receiver of the kindness feels good. When we constantly are kind to ourselves, that’s lovely however, if we don’t apply the good that we give to ourselves with other people, then we become self-absorbed, not self-aware. Those are two very different things.

I do find it sad and somewhat comical when people tell me that they are working on themselves but then when it comes time for them to simply engage, or empathize with someone else’s issue they have no time for it,  nor do they care. So what are you to do?

I caught someone in a lie recently.   But before I simply reacted, hemming and hawing, I took a step back,  and thought about it.  Why am I being lied to?  Why, while making plans not only does this person lie,  but he also makes demands about how the plans need to be carried out?  Now, even though I’m willing to engage, regardless, i wish to extend my kindness,  but when the other person is clearly self absorbed,  he would never understand anything that you would tell him.   And especially if the two are friends,  or even more so,  lovers,  the definition of kindness should be a given and it should never be questioned.   But then again,  when your thoughts are riddled with negativity,  the act of kindness can be observed as a threat.

If people can’t celebrate you for who you are,  then they need to go.   The toxic energy only weighs down your soul with such heaviness.   Along the same lines,  of these said haters,  they’ll make you question who you are,  why you’re doing what you do, and won’t meet you half way,  or any way. If you have to chase after them, they really don’t want to be caught.

If you have to question someone else’s kindness,  then you should question your own.  Yes,  there are those who will gladly manipulate you with kindness to get what they want.   If it’s deception,  or anything negative, make sure you have your proof.  One of the biggest issues we face today is people conjecture,  conclude without proof and then you have a falsely accused, and a jaded despondent. Life is short and if you spend all of your life trying to understand what other people are thinking or why they act the way they do, you’ll be wasting a lot of time. What other people think about you is none of your business, but when kindness is concerned, always give it, and don’t expect anything in return.  It will come back to you, and for the ones who can’t, where energy goes energy flows.

Be kind. Always.

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