The Zeller Zakon June 15, 2020


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Hi everyone, and thank you for being here – the first day of the launch of my new website and the beginning of what I hope will become a new habit or guilty pleasure if you will, by reading my daily (Monday–Friday) blog,
The Zeller Zakon.

I can’t tell you how many have complimented me about my writing– that I should continue to write by writing a book, or create something.
Well, I’m keeping myself honest by doing this and if you’ll join me, I am certain,  that this will be great for all of us.

I never understood how people can blatantly hurt others without feeling horrific guilt for what they’ve done.  The feeling on the receiving end is so debilitating,  that why would I inflict that on anyone?  But, the reality is, people survive the way they can,  but I believe in this current and post Coronavirus world,  we still have a choice– and I choose happiness,  abundance,  and love…. love of self,  people,  animals,  and of life.

Listed below are seven tasks.   As part of this new momentum toward love and kindness, I ask that you pick a different one each day, and do it.   This is all a personal journey,  but as a group,  I’m asking that you share your experience with me– maybe your insight can unblock what’s holding many people back from achieving their own happiness, and love goals.
Please submit ideas for acts of kindness,  chances to make all of us better humans for living the life of integrity. And together,  the sky’s the limit!

Thank you for stopping by.  As spiritual beings having a human experience,  let’s raise our awareness,  and our consciousness, bring love to the foreground again.  We’re worth it and deserve a better future in this lifetime when we don’t know what’s proven to happen afterwards.  Do it for yourself,  and for your fellow man.

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