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“As is often the case with the bad guy, Sam Zeller’s pompous Captain Hook virtually steals the show (which is no mean feat considering the overall high quality offered across the board). Resplendent in frilly lace, blood-red vest, and long dark curls, Zeller need only walk on stage to electrify it. His first entrance as the Captain brought hisses and jeers from kids and adults in the audience, causing him to turn and snap, “Oh, grow up!” with a delightful sneer. And his turn as Father Darling is the most genuinely loving of the many I’ve seen.”
— Back Stage West

“Zeller combines the grandness of opera with the plebeian comedy of the British music hall to come up with a villain who tickles our funny bone even as he earns our hisses (which the audience gleefully provides).”
— Los Angeles Times

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