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“Of all the apes, Sam Zeller was the most believable in his role of Kerchak. Zeller’s movements, voice, and powerful physical presence made it easy for me to believe him as a protective, occasionally frightening, but well-meaning leader of the ape tribe.”
–The Utah Spectrum

“The cast is lead by a strong character actor/singer from Los Angeles, Sam Zeller, who plays the lead ape Kerchak. Although he is the designated villain of the piece, because he sees Tarzan as a potential enemy, he manages to gain our sympathy as a caring leader, ready to defend his family at any cost. When the white hunter kills him, there are many tears shed in the audience.”

–Robert Machray,

“Zeller casts a perfectly burly, surly proud presence as the Tribe’s protector who knows full well what danger humans are capable of bringing.”
–The Independent

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