Good Deeds…June 19, 2020


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How is everyone doing with their tasks?  I find that there are many you can do by just happenstance.  A lady and I were in the cooler at a local bodega, and I had to stand next to her because the air was blowing the ice cold in every other place, so I scurried around the corner, and this woman and I were looking for broken eggs in their respective cartons….once hers was found, she had no basket and already had many things in her hands.  I said wait right there, and I ran out of the cooler to the front door, grabbed a basket, and brought it to her.  You can always tell a face that smiles under a mask–the eyes squint. She was grateful, and it took up no time, and I was happy to do it.  Who’s day did you make today?!

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